Check out this video tutorial for details. You could also change your Email to SMS settings in your profile settings.

We recommend closing around 30 – 60% of your position at each take profit alert, depending on your risk tolerance.

Open indicator format by either double clicking on the indicator or through the object tree on the bottom left corner of your TradingView dashboard.  Click on the “Defaults” dropdown menu located on the bottom left of your pop up window, and select “Reset Settings”.

Check out this video tutorial for details. 

You can simply log in to your account. Go to Subscriptions. Then click cancel. 

The “once per bar” option will send you an alert immediately when the condition is met (when the background color changes to light blue/red). Using this for entry will likely increase your potential profit. If the “once per bar” option is used, we recommend using other confirmations for entry, including the Performer confirmation on the BTC chart and confirmation from other indicators (RSI, MACD, EMA, etc.) on smaller time frames.

The “once per bar close” option will send you an alert when the condition is confirmed at bar close. This, despite the later entry, does provide a stronger signal and lowers your risk exposure.

We recommend two main methods of reentering – using Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) and using small side way consolidations. Check out this lesson for examples. For advanced traders, you could also use the BTC Performer signals or Performer signals on smaller time frames for better re-entry opportunities.

The PD Crypto Performer and the Crypto Performer Pro are designed for the 1HR charts. For best results, we recommend using the indicators for large cap alt coins. For lower risk tolerance, we recommend using the indicator on ETHUSD. For maximizing profits, we recommend using the indicator on BCHUSD.

For less active traders, you can use the Performer on the 4HR chart. For best results, try out ETHUSD .

For advanced traders, you could use the Performer on time frames smaller than 1HR for better entry/exit points. In this case, the signals will be triggered more frequently, so make sure to have a strategy to deal with the liquidity challenges that may rise depending on the exchange you are using and your portfolio size.

The Performer strategy mainly uses smoothed Simple Moving Averages (SMA) and divergences in Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and histogram. A leading indicator (eg. BTCUSD for crypto) is also used for more accurate and timely market identification.

We recommend putting three charts side-by-side on one trading screen. Put the asset that represents your industry trend (eg. BTCUSD for cryptocurrencies) on the very left of your screen (1HR chart). Put the 1HR chart of your main trading asset in the middle of your screen. And place the smaller time frame chart (eg. 15min) of your main trading asset on the right of your screen.

We recommend using the indicator on large cap alt coins. For traders with lower risk tolerance, we recommend using the indicator on ETHUSD. To maximize profits, we recommend using the indicator on BCHUSD. You can also experiment with our strategy version of the PD Performer to test and select your favorite coin.

In most cases, if the signal is triggered by a candle that is significantly larger than recent candles, the signal is less time sensitive. However, if the candle that triggered the alert is similar to recent candles in size, then the signal requires more immediate attention.

Yes, there certainly are. Try the following:

  • Place several smaller orders rather than one big order.
  • Spread out the order on different large cap alt coins. Lots of them follow the same trend, leading by BTCUSD.
  • Check if there are other exchanges with better liquidity for your trading asset. You can easily get this information from coinmarketcap.com.

Yes, you certainly can. For example, our “take profit” signals could be utilized as entry points for counter trend scalps. When the red “take profit” signal appears in a long trend, you can enter a quick short position, and recover at the either EMA or channel supports.

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Given limited resources, we can only handle a few Performer Pro+ clients at time. We’ll let you know as soon as we have spots available.