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Bitcoin(BTC) Long Term Indicators

11.03 (Tue) Update

11.03.2020 Update (Tue) $13,563 -1.51% BTC $383.3 -3.42% ETH $0.2354 -1.96% XRP $53.90 -3.14% LTC $257.7 -3.93% BCH Long-term Outlook The big picture on the

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11.02 (Mon) Update

11.02.2020 Update (Mon) $13,771 -0.24% BTC $396.9 +2.63% ETH $0.2401 +0.04% XRP $55.65 -0.18% LTC $264.9 +1.94% BCH Long-term Outlook The big picture on the

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10.28 (Wed) Update

10.28.2020 Update (Wed) $13,780 +5.44% BTC $405.7 +3.21% ETH $0.2515 +1.17% XRP $58.14 +2.20% LTC $264.9 +1.94% BCH Long-term Outlook The big picture on the

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Utilizing Bitcoin block data for a rolling set of UTXOs, this indicator uses the market unrealized profit and unrealized loss to track market sentiments and confirmed market sentiment tier changes.


Utilizing Bitcoin on-chain daily Spent Output data, SOPR/aSOPR captures the group behavior of market sellers. Despite the drastic characteristic difference between the seller population (<1month holding: 70-90%) and the entire market population (<1month holding: 10-20%), the seller group is the driver behind most short-term price actions.  


Lots of extreme price actions are driven by the margin market when a price move triggers a domino effect of margin calls which pushes the price to new highs/lows. The long/short squeeze forecasts identify these potential events ahead of time. Different from indicators on TradingView, our open interest/open value data are sourced from BitMEX rather than Quandl data from CME.

on-chain volume INDICATOR

With OTC volume estimated 2-3 times of exchange volume, OTC settlement is the main driver of adjusted on-chain volume. The on-chain volume indicator analyses the trend in on-chain volume and the trend in Bitcoin price to identify smart money actions for bull/bear market and long-term bottom identifications.

Purchase Price Band

Expanding on the idea of realized price, this indicator identifies the concentrated price zones where the market bought (or last moved) Bitcoin. This indicator is perfect for identifying true market support and resistance zones, as well as visualizing the market purchase price distribution at any given time.

Expert Buyer Exiting Behavior

Ever want to follow the market experts’ trades? Using Bitcoin block data, this indicator tracks the group of market bottom buyers through their trades and identifies when most of these experts choose to exit.

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